TRX is a dynamic functional training company started by a former Navy SEAL Squadron Leader Randy Hetrick. While he was in the field fooling around with some parachute webbing and rubber boat tools in an effort to figure out how keep his body fit, he stumbled on what has now become one of the premier training products in sports, the US military and gym chains all over the world: The TRX Suspension Trainer.

This video started from a script that I wrote in mid 2011. Then the TRX Media Team, led by former NBC guy Desmond Croan, boiled it down to a streamlined kernel. This video delivers the message of what TRX Training is really all about and why it matters.

The TRX Voice that I created at the beginning of 2011 is welcoming, social, effective, authentic and provocative. I created the voice document, presented it to the staff, and ran smaller departmental training sessions throughout 2011 to make sure it made an impact and provided guidance as the company moved forward (at 30% YOY growth!).

The video features superstar quarterback Drew Brees, elite strength coach Todd Durkin, UFC middleweight powerhouse and silver star winner Brian Stann, and various members of the US Women’s World Cup Soccer Team.

Creative Team:

Writer: Todd Anthony
CD: Desmond Croan
Editor: Evan Andrews
V/O: Randy Hetrick


Brand Video